Are You a Pet Owner? Read These Plumbing Tips

Happy family playing outdoorsFor many of us, having pets at home is part of the joy of living. But, this can easily translate into problems with our plumbing. Below are some tips for keeping your pets and your plumbing safer.

Cats and Sinks

It’s a thing – for real, and not just on the Cat Playing In SinkInternet. Make sure to use a cover, stopper, or strainer in your sink so you can wipe out the resulting shedded hair before it goes down the pipes and clogs the drains. Also, make sure that your sink’s faucet doesn’t leak – cats love drinking water from sink faucets but can be poisoned by any residue left behind from cleaning chemicals if they lick them. We suggest using environmentally friendly cleaners. Not only are they safer for pets, but they are also better for septic systems.

A Better Bath Time

When bathing your pet, make sure your drain Bathroom to a dog chow chowhas a cover, stopper, or strainer that prevents hair from entering the drain. Hair shedding is at its worst during a bath and clumps of it can easily clog your drain and/or cause water to flow much more slowly through it over time.

Also, install pressure balancing valves to remove the risk of faucets gushing either hot water that could injure your pet or cold water that could abruptly end bath time and send you running through the house to recapture a cold, soapy animal that bolted from the tub in shock.

Cover All Your Drains

While sinks and tubs are most subject to clogs from pet hair, the low-lying drains in places like basements and showers capture stray hair as well. It’s wise to cover those also when they are not in use.

Toilet Tactics

As long as we have toilets, our pets will Dog on the toilet - Jack Russell Terrierwant to drink from them – even if they have fresh water in their bowls. So, close the lids on all of your toilets to make sure that your pets aren’t drinking water that could be contaminated from debris and/or poisonous cleaning chemicals.

Also, resist the temptation to dump even the smallest bit of cat litter in your toilet. It’s not meant to be flushed down any pipe or drain and will most certainly cause a nasty clog either immediately or over time.

Dogs Can Dig It

It may surprise you to know that water Golden Retriever dog digging holeand sewer pipes are often subject to damage from dogs that love to dig holes. If your dog digs holes, make sure it’s in an area free of pipes that are just beneath the surface.

FloHawks Can Fix Any Pet Related Plumbing Problem

We understand that damaged or leaking pipes can quickly spiral out of control and that your pets are important members of your family so we want you to know that you can count on us to help keep your pipes working as they should and your pets safe. Give us a call at (800) 356-4295 or conveniently schedule your service online and select a day and time that fits your schedule.