Can You Still Use the Toilet While Your Water Is Turned Off?


Normally, you’d never have to worry about having to flush your toilet without running water, but if a situation occurs such as a broken pipe in your home, or a natural disaster, you may be forced to use your toilet after the water has been turned off.

When your water is turned off, your toilet will have one flush left. After that, you will need to manually add water back into your toilet in order to flush it again.

The Bucket Method

In order to add water back into your toilet, you will need a bucket, and a water source. First, fill the bucket with water from another water source. Then, remove the tank lid from the toilet and pour the water in up to the fill line. Once the water has been poured into the tank, you should be able to flush the toilet another time. You will have to repeat this process if you plan on using the toilet again while your water is turned off.

Pro Tip: If you have advanced warning that your water will be shut off, you can fill your bathtub with water specifically to be used for flushing.

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