Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage

If you think about it, the bathroom is probably one of the most used rooms in your home. It may also be the most cluttered which can make using it less pleasant. From towels and washcloths to toilet paper, hairstyling equipment, toiletries, medicine, and dental tools, a lot of supplies need to be stored in a very small space. We’ve put together a few suggestions on how to control the resulting clutter.

  • Floating Shelves

    Easy to install and sized to fit even the smallest of spaces, add these shelves wherever you can on your walls to make better use of all your unused wall space. You could even use glass shelving to maintaining a light and minimal feel.

  • Baskets

    If you have a floating sink, use baskets underneath for storage. You can even attach baskets to your walls as a creative shelving solution or use tiered baskets in nooks and crannies for extra storage. Hanging baskets also provide an attractive storage solution.

  • Cabinets

    Whether located under your sink or installed on your wall, cabinets effectively convert unused space to storage space and give your bathroom a finished look. They’re also great for hiding the clutter behind closed doors.

  • Sink Cabinet Door Shelving

    Use all of the space within your under-sink and wall cabinets by creating shelves on the inside portion of their doors. Use vertical shelving to hang tools and horizontal shelving for supplies. You may also have room to install small bins on the doors.

  • Built-in Cabinets

    In some case, cabinets can be recessed into your walls so you have less bulk taking up space in a smaller bathroom but you have the same storage space as with an applied cabinet.

  • Racks

    Available in numerous configurations and styles, from ladder racks for towels to wall rack shelving solutions, these space savers can work in even the smallest of places.

  • Carts

    The flexibility of these storage solutions makes them popular since they can be moved as needed. In some families, it might work best for each family member to have their own cart that they wheel back and forth.

  • Over-the-Toilet Storage Ladder

    Turn wasted space into storage space with this creative solution for excess supplies.

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