How to Soundproof Loud Sinks

Water pipe under kitchen sink

The last thing your kitchen needs is a loud sink, but many of us have them. Usually, the inexpensive stainless-steel sinks are the noisy ones because they are made from thin sheets of steel that loudly reverberate sound when you run water and wash dishes, cookware, and utensils. And if you have a double sink made of thin stainless-steel, you may have double the noise.

Although there are several ways to soundproof a loud sink, the fastest, easiest, and most inexpensive way is to apply spray polyurethane expanding foam insulation. To do the job, you will need one or two cans of the foam, newspaper (or similar paper), masking tape, safety glasses, and a dust mask.

  1. Prepare Your Space
    Make sure that you remove everything you store in the cabinet under your sink. Next, wrap and tape the sheets of paper around the rubber hoses, dishwasher hose, as well as the hot- and cold-water flexible supply lines. If you have a garbage disposal, wrap and tape that the same way.
  2. Put on Your Protective Gear
    Safety is always important. At this point, you will need to put on your safety glasses and dust mask before moving on to the next step.
  3. Apply the Foam
    Carefully read and follow all of the instructions before opening the can of spray foam. Then, starting at the back of your sink, apply the foam being careful to keep your strokes uniform. Also, spray the foam on the back side of the sink bowl or bowls. Then, spray the foam on the outer sides of your sink bowl, including the area between the bowls if you have a double sink. Next, coat the underside of the bowl or bowls with the spray, and spray lightly around the sink basket’s underside.
  4. Wait an Hour Before Testing
    After waiting an hour, remove all of the taped paper and test the sink. Look carefully for any wet spots that may be caused by any fittings you may have accidentally loosened. If you find any wet areas, make sure to address the cause of those.
  5. If Necessary, Repeat the Process
    Once you have had time to use your newly soundproofed sink, you should hear the difference. You may find that the layers of foam you applied are still not enough and therefore, you may decide to apply more foam. In that case, start with step 1 again.

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