Septic Tank Installation

If your home is not attached to a municipal sewer plant, then you likely have a septic system to collect your wastewater, treat, and dispose of it. This type of system requires a septic tank along with a soil absorption system (drain field) that are both installed underground.

When installing a septic tank, your first step should be to contact a reputable professional who can help you determine what type of system will work best for your home. For new construction, the complexity of the instillation will depend on the location, the size and material of the tank, and any required permitting. Although installing a septic tank may sound complex, you don't need to worry – the experts at FloHawks can help you get in touch with a professional designer and/or a qualified engineer to determine the best design for your individual system. The useful life of a system depends on a lot of factors starting with proper design, sizing, and installation, soil composition, water table changes, trees and subsequently tree root intrusion, amount of use and abuse, and last but not least proper routine maintenance and pumping.

For older systems or systems that are failing, it may be necessary to replace some or all of the components of your existing septic system. Replacing a poorly functioning septic tank has many advantages and can save you money in the long run. It can also preserve your septic field, prevent potential accidents, and maintain the health of your surrounding environment.

If the tank itself is old, you may need a brand new tank to be installed. Fortunately, this can be a relatively straightforward process. However if there are new county codes or requirements or if the system requires a new type of drain field, the replacement process could be a little more involved. Replacement services for your septic system really depend on what exactly is going on with your individual situation. If you notice any odors or sewage backups they could be warning signs of a failing system, contact us immediately for assistance.

Since every system is different, FloHawks can make a determination on a case-by-case basis. Call us anytime at 1.800.356.4295 for a free inspection or use our convenient Schedule Your Service tool, which allows you to set an appointment that fits your schedule. Installing a new septic tank is not a place to cut corners - working with a professional is absolutely necessary to ensure that everything is correctly installed.